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The Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì (HSK), (Chinese: 汉语水平考试), translated as Chinese Proficiency Test, is the People's Republic of China's only standardized test of Standard Chinese language proficiency for non-native Chinese speakers.

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Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • China is not the easiest country for foreigners. It is full of challenges such as the different culture or the different food, but the biggest challenge for every foreigner is the language. Chinese is known worldwide for being one of the most difficult languages in the world and although a lot of Chinese people speak English, but the major part of the population doesn ́t or is embarrassed of their English.
    I arrived in China knowing nihao (hello) and xiexie (thanks) and had to face constant communication problems during really basic situations as asking for the toilet or a glass of water. I was recommended Mandarin King by a co-worker and assigned myself for one of it ́s courses after having had a free test class. From that decision onwards my stay in China became easier and easier as my Chinese improved with every class. The teacher was well prepared and achieved to make the difficult, and sometimes boring, task of learning a language not just funny and entertaining, but also really effective. After just six months I passed the HSK3 with a score of 85%, but more important I achieved to communicate myself with the local people dealing with more than daily or basic topics.
    Furthermore I received a view into the Chinese culture, as the teachers would share their experiences and bond with their students during breaks and after class. Moreover did Mandarin King not just help me with my studies and the paper work for my HSK, but also with other problems as understanding the rice-cooker in my house or important documents.
    All in all I would like to recommend Mandarin King for it ́s great staff and teaching methods.
    Jürgen von Beyme Cortés
  • Grace a Mandarin King, j`ai reussit avec un score tres eleve le HSK niveau 5. Ce resultat je le dois a la disponibilite , au serieux et au professionalisme des enseignants de cette institution.
    Leur methode d`enseignement est efficace et adaptee aux besoins des etudiants. En ce qui me concerne etant en activite, le temps alloue a l`apprentissage du chinois est limite et precieux, je ne peux pas me permettre de perdre du temps. Mandarin King a pris en consideration de mes problematiques et s`est adapte a mes exigences, c`est un partenariat gagnant gagnant. En conclusion la reussite ne depend pas que seulement de l`ecole mais aussi de l`investissement personnel que chaque etudiant doit consacrer.
    Hakim Maaref
  • Learning Chinese with my teacher in Mandarin Lesson Teaching is always a pleasure for me. My course program is tailor made to my learning ability, schedules and progress, and in every lesson, my teacher is involving me in real life; calling hotel for a reservation, having short walk to visualize learned words, games..etc. I am satisfied the individualized program, teaching method and my teacher's way of teaching. Thanks to Mandarin King for their contribution to my learning journey!
    Mehmet Bilgin
  • I would like to take this opportunity to say what a remarkable course Mandarin King has to offer. I am doing the One on One Program and the way they gear the course to meet my needs is gratifying, I am learning real life language skills for my specific needs. My teacher is very conscientious and knowledgeable in her capacity for helping me to better understand the Mandarin language and communicate while living here in China.
    Eileene Kurtz
  • Mandarin King has been the best thing to happen to our Chinese since arriving in China. The lessons are fun and interesting as well as informative. But most importantly the children love them. The teacher is brilliant at knowing when the kids need something a little different and does not hesitate to change her plan in order to keep them stimulated, taking them outside for games and activities while still teaching them Mandarin. We are thrilled to have been introduced to Mandarin King and recommend them all without hesitation.
    Vanessa Robitaille
  • Mandarin Kingの授業には非常に満足しています。しっかりしたTeaching methodology を持っており、Extra教材
    おこなってもらえるのも非常に魅力です。さらにDoris老師は才色兼備なだけでなく、Mandarin Kingの会社経営もして
    いることから話題も豊富で、私の会社の日常の問題についても中国語で話し合うことができ、実践的な中国語を学ぶ機会となっています。これからもMandarin Kingで中国語学習を続けていきたいと思います。
    Hiroyuki Izumi

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