Doris Wang

Doris Wang

Doris Wang

MS. Doris Wang


Language: Chinese/English

Major: Applied Linguistics

University: Xi'an Fanyi University

Ms Doris Wang is from Shan Xi Province. She graduated from Xi’an Fanyi University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics.

Doris is a language teaching technical specialist and enthusiast. Her academic work in the field of foreign language teaching has covered the specialties: Phonetics; Phonology; Morphology; Syntax; Semantics; Psycholinguistics; Sociolinguistics; Historical linguistics.

After graduating, she worked as an Instructor for the New Concept Mandarin Company. In 2009, she founded her own language training school, Mandarin King, where she offers 12 different Mandarin programs: Private One-on-One Training; Family or Corporate Exclusive Group Training; Public Group Training; Intensive Chinese Training; Business Chinese Course; HSK Training; On-line One-on-One Tutoring; Chinese Immersion Course; Chinese Characters Course; Children’s Program; Pin Yin Course; Chinese Culture Course. Each program is taught in systematic Easy-to-Learn modules by certified professional teachers.

Doris attaches great importance to every step of her students’ learning experience. Mandarin King always prepares the best tailor-made solution based on the program modules according to its students’ particular interests and needs. Doris takes great pride in the success of Mandarin King’s students. No matter what may be her student’s age, proficiency level, and purpose of learning Chinese, her Mandarin King team will be delighted to help the student every step of the way and give them a tool to communicate with 1.3 billion people on the earth.