Ellen Chen

Ellen Chen

Ellen Chen

Ms. Ellen Chen

Double Bachelor

Language: Chinese /English

Major: International Economics and Trade & Environmental Protection

University: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Ellen Chen Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2009, Chen has a Double Bachelor Degree in International Economics and Trade as well as in Environmental Science and Engineering. For the past few years, she served in a state organ of environmental protection, responsible for international cooperation and communication. This working experience has equipped her with extensive experience in organizing international exchanges and conference interpretation.

Chen became a part-time Chinese language teacher in her senior year of college life when she successfully helped her American and Australia students improved their Mandarin communication skills.  After working in Mandarin King, Chen is even more committed to the career of language-teaching. She is responsible, developing different teaching approaches to meet diverse individual needs. She is dynamic, creating an environment that engages and inspires the learners. Born and growing up in Shanghai, Chen is familiar with every corner of this place, and is willing to tell every little story of the big city. Keen on traveling, Chen adores splendid landscapes and diverse culture of different nations, and would love to share the time-honored history of China and the most magic part of its civilization: Chinese language.