Why Mandarin King


Our methodology is based on two key elements: Communication skills and involvement. Our teaching methodology nurtures a vibrant learning environment to encourage students to learn effectively and at higher levels.

It also includes instructional language features, experience-based learning and interactive learning activities. Our integrated approach also cultivates competency and personal enrichment. Let us guide you along the way to achieve your goals.


Our teachers are all well trained, enthusiastic and experienced professionals. They have been teaching in different countries for years and have successfully trained clients from leading fortune 500 companies.

They are highly equipped certified teachers who work closely with our clients to achieve the highest level of their language proficiency in a small span of time. They are also student-centered professionals whose aim is to provide top quality Mandarin education and to cater the student’s needs through our most comprehensive solutions.


Mandarin King emphasizes language proficiency rather than language structure. We recognize that learning outcomes can be affected by many factors such as motivation, commitment, learning style, curriculum, teaching methods etc. Thus, we are responsible in promoting a wider access in learning Mandarin and understanding Chinese culture through the provision of student-centered and learning opportunities. Maintaining a high quality of teaching is our work component, generating interest, involving the students in the process of learning, develop and build their potentials. Thus, we do not only provide and develop effective Mandarin education but also we create opportunities to every individual by learning Mandarin.