Business Chinese I

Business Chinese I

BUSINESS BOOK 1 is designed to meet the basic requirements of business communication.

This book covers twelve units. The teaching uses practical communication tasks and focuses on listening and speaking skills.

There are 500 words,120 key sentence patterns, and 12 business topics.





Let me introduce you

Learn to greet each other in an official situation

Learn to introduce others to each other

Learn to describe your work


您汉语说得真地道You speak Chinese like a native speaker

Learn to describe one’s appearance

Learn to inquire about another’s experience and discuss one’s own experience

Learn to praise a person and respond to a compliment


给记者的材料复印好了吗?Have the files from the journalists been copied?

Learn some commonly used expressions about doing office work

Learn to answer the requirements of others


我的电脑怎么又出问题了?Why does my computer have this problem again?

Learn to discuss using office products

Learn to describe the problems associated with using office products


下星期咱们一起吃顿便饭,怎么样?How about we get together for dinner next week?

Learn some common expressions used when making phone call

Learn to make an invitation


为我们的合作干杯!Let’s drink a toast to our cooperation!

Learn to pick and choose a restaurant

Learn common ways of exchanging polite words at a banquet


你来以前再打电话确认一下Please call again to confirm the appointment before you come

Learn to make an appointment

Learn to change an appointment

Learn to explain changes to an appointment and apologize


请告诉我您那儿的具体位置Please tell me the exact location of your office

Learn to ask about and describe the location of a certain place

Learn to describe your preference for a certain place



I’d like to inquire how to extend my visa

Learn how to inquire about information

Learn to finish a consultation



Are the rooms for our delegation ready?

Learn to book a room at a hotel and discuss a schedule

Learn to propose requirements for an agenda


请你们尽快把材料送来吧Please send the material as soon as possible

Learn to express dissatisfaction and complaints

Learn to urge people and to respond



It’s really a pity you are leaving Beijing soon

Learn some general expression for “farewell”

Learn to give a speech at one’s farewell party

Learn to reply to a speech at your farewell party