Business Chinese II

Business Chinese II

BUSINESS BOOK 2 is for students who have finished Business Book 1 or an equivalent Chinese language study.
It focuses on practical business communication tasks, and listening and speaking skills in complicated business meetings and business presentations.

There are 12 units in the book. There are 300 words and 80 key sentence patterns.



Unit 1

Greetings and Introductions

Learning how to introduce yourself in all kinds of business occasions

Learning the names of some job titles

Learning how to design your name card

Unit 2

Team Work

Learning how to describe organizational structure

Learning how to describe your job

Learning how to interview for a job

Unit 3

Time Schedules

Learning how to book tickets

Learning how to arrange work

Learning how to introduce daily work

Unit 4

Location of the Workplace

Learning how to give directions to a company’s location

Learning how to introduce the location of the workplace

Learning how to order merchandise

Unit 5

Business Banquet

Learning how to arrange banquets

Learning how to invite guests

Learning how to toast

Unit 6

Working on the Internet

Learning how to shop on the Internet

Learning how to work on the Internet

Learning how to attend a network meeting

Unit 7


Learning about consumer behavior

Learning about marketing

Learning how to express your opinion about advertising

Unit 8

Financial Management

Learning about the financial management of a company

Learning how to analyze financial statements

Learning how to make a budget

Unit 9

Business Consulting

Learning about the basics of commercial consulting companies

Learning how to offer consultation services to companies

Unit 10

Strategy Management

Learning about the process of strategy planning

Learning how to establish a brand

Learning about the reason why a company changes its strategy

Unit 11

Company Culture

Learning about the company culture

Learning how to talk about the details of company culture

Learning how to understand the differences between company cultures

Unit 12

Community Contribution

Learning about community contribution

Learning how to introduce some charity activities

Learning some expressions for charity activities