Elementary Chinese I

Elementary Chinese I

The Elementary Level training uses three books intended for first-time beginner students. This training covers communication meeting basic requirements of adult students’ daily life in China. It focuses on listening and speaking skills, and learning-through-experience.

On completing this level, learners will have a command of 1000 basic words and 300 useful sentence patterns, to converse in daily life comfortably at the vocabulary level of HSK Test Three.



Unit 1

Greetings and Introductions


Learning how to greet people

Learning how to introduce one’s name and nationality

Unit 2

What time is it now?


Learning how to express time: the time, years, months and dates

Unit 3

How much does the sweater cost?


Learning how to ask price and talk about money

Learning how to bargain

Learning how to express the size and color, etc

Unit 4

I’d like a fried diced chicken with peanuts


Learning how to order food, make requests and pay the bill

Unit 5

What do you do?


Learning how to talk about family, occupations and age

Unit 6

Is Jenny in?


Learning how to make and answer phone calls

Unit 7

Go straight ahead


Learning how to ask for directions and places

Unit 8

Where is your new house?


Learning how to use the location words

Learning how to express the location of things

Unit 9

What’s the matter with you?


Learning how to ask and describe one’s health

Learning some vocabulary for the human body

Unit 10

Can you repair a computer?


Learning how to request for help

Learning how to talk about talents, abilities and leisure activities

Unit 11

It’s too cold!


Learning how to describe the weather and the climate

Unit 12

Please clean the table


Learning useful words and phrases for housework

Learning how to communicate with the house-keeper