Children’s Mandarin III

Children’s Mandarin III

Interest is the best teacher. Mandarin King’s teaching methods to young learners are inspiring and engaging. The teaching approach aims to cultivate student’s learning interests to Mandarin language. This level is devoted to forming a solid foundation for the learners’ further study. It is our hope that through learning at Mandarin King that learners would feel that learn Chinese is very happy and easy rather than boring and difficult. Children’s Mandarin consists of three books. Each book covers 24 lessons.

There are 250 words and 80 sentence pattens in each book.


Lesson 1

I come from Beijing

Lesson 2

I would like to work as a part time

Lesson 3

Let’s call them

Lesson 4

Tian’an men Square in Beijing

Lesson 5

There is no pollution in the suburb

Lesson 6

I am a local here

Lesson 7

My new house

Lesson 8

I would like to send her a gift

Lesson 9

I bought some souvenirs

Lesson 10

Your Mandarin is very good

Lesson 11

The game begins at four o’ clock

Lesson 12

My email

Lesson 13

He has never had Chinese medicine

Lesson 14

I am getting healthier and healthier

Lesson 15

We all love to eat her dim sums

Lesson 16

The panda is so cute

Lesson 17

We all read books in the library

Lesson 18

We all climbed the mountain

Lesson 19

What’s up?

Lesson 20

He is having an interview now

Lesson 21

The competition of Chinese songs

Lesson 22

We travel when we have holidays

Lesson 23

I will go to China from the United States

Lesson 24

Celebrate Chinese New Year in China