HSK Level 5

HSK Level 5

Introduction to the new HSK Level 5

Test Takers

The new HSK (Level 5) is designed for learners who have acquired a vocabulary of approximate 2500 Chinese characters and commonly used Chinese grammar. They are capable of completing complicated speech in Chinese, reading Chinese newspapers and magazines.

Contents and time of the test

The new HSK Level 5 written test consists of three sections: listening, reading and writing. It is approximately 125 minutes long, including:

  1. Listening (45 questions, about 30 minutes)
  2. Reading (45 questions, 40 minutes)
  3. Writing (10 questions, 40 minutes)

It also includes the 5 minutes for test takers to fill in their personal inforamtion and the 5 minutes in the end of the test to write the answers on the answer sheet provided.

In the new HSK Level 5 listening section, Part 1 includes 20 questions, Part 2 includes 25 questions and each question will be heard only once. The questions and the requirements are as follows:


Part 1 Listen to the dialogues and choose the right answers.

Part 2 Listen to the long dialogues or text and choose the right answers.

There are 3 parts in the reading section, Part 1 includes 15 questions, the Part 2 includes 10 questions, Part 3 includes 20 questions. The questions and the requirements are as follows:


Part 1 Choose the right words or expressions to complete the sentences or dialogues.

Part 2 Choose the correct sentences according to the contexts.

Part 3 Read the short passages and choose the right answers.

There are two parts in writing section, Part 1 includes 8 questions, and Part 2 includes 2 questions.


Part 1 Complete the sentences using the given words.

Part 2 Write the composition according to the given words or pictures.

Test Score

The full score for each of the listening, reading and writing sections in the new HSK Level 5 is 100. The total score is 300 and the minimum score to pass the test is 180.