Intermediate Level I

Intermediate Level I

The Intermediate Level is designed for students who have completed the Elementary Level. This Level consists of three books, which adds 1200 words, 500 sentence patterns, and 150 grammar rules.

There are 30 carefully selected topics in this level, which are closely related to most expatriates’ life and work in China. Topics include social communications, culture differences, traditions and customs.

On completing this level, the student will be able to converse at the vocabulary level of HSK Test Four.

Intermediate Level Book 1

Unit 1

I have lived in New York for over seven years

Unit 2

How do you celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Unit 3

I put it in the drawer just now

Unit 4

Sorry, I’m late

Unit 5

I never join a tourist group

Unit 6

Did everything go well on the trip?

Unit 7

I am really worried!

Unit 8

How does she look?

Unit 9

Where shall I show them around?


How big this digital mall is!