Private One on One Course

Private One on One Course

-Personalized Learning

Learn at your own pace, class will be tailored to your learning needs and interests.

- Easy to access

Start at your date

-Flexible Scheduling

Class schedule and lesson frequency per week can be set according to your own time preference.
Time can be chosen from 8AM to 9PM Monday to Friday and 10AM-5PM Saturday & Sunday.

-Convenient Class Location

Class can be offered either in student’s office/Residence or Mandarin Centre.

-Class Cancellation or Postponing Rules

If the student couldn’t attend the class, the student should inform Mandarin King Teacher in advance 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. Late cancellations shall be considered as class taken.

-Free Level Assessment

A free Mandarin level test will be held for non beginner Mandarin students before you enroll a class.